The Sayed workshop was created in 1976 in London and more precisely at Piccadilly Circus.

It was Mr. Sayed's father who started the business in the London neighborhood.

It begins with a small workshop of 3 employees who make tailor-made clothing (suits, jackets, coats, shirts, pants and tuxedos) with English fabrics.

In 1980: at the same time, he created his first boutique in Mauritius and developed ready-to-wear clothing with artisanal manufacture of costumes and shirts sold to retail and to wholesalers.

In 1985: he developed sales with an Import Export activity of suits, shirts, pants, and jackets.

In 1990: The son of Mr. Sayed (founder of the company) arrived from Mauritius to London. There, he learned the trade with his father and developed the activity initiated in 1976 until 1998, when he arrived in Paris for his summer vacation.

It is in The "City of Light" that he finds his inspiration for Creation and Fashion. He then returned to London and reflected on the company's development potential in the Paris region.

He settled permanently in Paris in 2000 where he set up his first store in the 5th arrondissement, then his second in Charenton le Pont (In the Val de Marne) in 2005.

He also created his own brand Gentlemen's Club and developed there the “Demi-Mesure” that is to say the “Tailor-made Ready-to-Wear” which customers love given the testimonials sent to Gentlemen's Club following their purchases. In 2010: Gentlemen’s Club created, in full financial autonomy, its third boutique in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The concept is simple: to offer "Demi-Mesure with a makeover".

To do this, Gentlemen's Club supports and connects its clients with its privileged partners, each specializing in their field of activity: weight loss, facials, men's hairstyles and even barbering.

In summary Gentlemen's Club dresses the modern man and the businessman from head to toe in "Half-Measure" for his professional activities but also in the personal sphere, weekends, trips, holidays , for weddings and other ceremonies.

Gentlemen's Club, it is elegance to your measurements made by a Master Tailor !.

The ambition of Gentlemen's Club does not end there. Gentlemen’s Club plans to gradually open, and as soon as the sanitary situation allows, its future stores ...

Our Team :

What characterizes our team is its professionalism; she is completely devoted to your service; it is rigorously selected according to the quality criteria of Gentlemen’s Club. The team is responsive, dynamic and very attentive to your requests. She will be able to answer your requirements and therefore fulfill you.